Adrienne Beacham

Adrienne Beacham is a Maine artist and textile designer who stitches together distinct media into eccentric creations.  A fusion of painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, and fiber arts, her pieces often feature monsters and other ridiculous personalities. Much of her work draws on the vivid nature of childhood experience and is characterized by an interesting mix of playful chaos and meditative precision.  She loves working with materials of all kinds, and is endlessly fascinated by the translation of ideas into physical form.   

Since 2014, Adrienne has worked in Monmouth as the designer for Maine Heritage Weavers, an heirloom textile manufacturer carrying on in the tradition of Bates Manufacturing Company.  At Maine Heritage, she has played a key part in the development of both traditional and modern textile designs for an array of customers, including national home goods retailers and boutique brands throughout North America and Europe.

Augusta, Maine

100 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347 | 207-622-3813 |
Wednesday - Saturday:  11am - 4pm