Scout + Bean

I’ve been making things since I can remember. I learned to knit sitting between my great grandmother’s legs when I was six. My mother taught me to sew when I was ten. Growing up, we weren’t poor, but like most Maine families - we were one accident or medical mishap away from being in trouble monetarily. It was always engrained in me that “we’re not going to buy that, because we can make it ourselves”. Which when you think about it, is so incredibly empowering and self sufficient - to have the ability and confidence to make something yourself, because you can. 

Now, I am so fortunate to stay at home with my two year old daughter, and create things (mostly when she sleeps!) I started working with cotton rope on a whim a year ago and people started noticing. Taking something you throw on a hook in a shed, and making it into a useful, and beautiful piece is still so exciting to me. Sewing rope in circles is calming, a bit hypnotic and gives me time to sit quietly and think big thoughts.

Lincolnville, Maine

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