Textured Porcelain

My name is Guenola Lefeuvre. I am Textured Porcelain. I strive to invoke feelings through touch and sight as one may feel walking through nature. Texture exists as a literal surface we can feel, a surface we can see, and it can envoke feelings & memories. My work invites you to touch, to feel and remember.

I work with porcelain. I’m drawn to porcelain because of its durability, coupled with a hint of unpredictability. Once the clay is sufficiently dried, I trim to create a uniquely textured finished product. My work is fired at Portland Pottery, in a high fired reduction kiln.

I was born and raised by my parents in the northern suburbs of Chicago. My passion for clay started on a kick-wheel in high-school and has followed me to Maine. I am currently based out of Portland Pottery where I teach several classes and help with Kiln maintenance. In addition to my studio time, I also teach a class at Windham Adult Education and occasionally do workshops on surface design. I mostly focus on living my dream of having my hands in clay… most of the time.

100 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347 | 207-622-3813 | @harlow.craft.shop
Wednesday - Saturday:  11am - 4pm